Rustic White Photography



Welcome to the new home of Rustic White Photography! A revitalized was always our destination, but the pure vision of what it would be emerged gradually during our journey towards it. From the beginning, it was deeply important to us that the new site wasn’t just a pretty facade or a quick surface makeover, but rather an embodiment of who we are, what we love, and the beauty we seek to capture and share in the world. Here we are, and thank you so much for coming to visit.

We were blessed to have two incredible mentors to guide us to this point. Richard and Amy McDowell of Red Leaf Studios were some of the first artists we turned to when we were just starting out in photography. We’ve always adored the images and ideas they seed into the photography community, and we were elated when they accepted our request for help with redefining our vision for Rustic White. What we received from Richard and Amy was far more than some good advice for a simple redesign. Honest, passionate, and phenomenally creative, they challenged us on every aspect of our craft. Nudged out of our comfort zone, we had no choice but to reexamine everything. It was the type of process that left us buoyant with joy one minute and sitting on the floor in despair the next, but with each critique and candid question came a new discovery. Each unraveled stitch was in fact a revelation.  

We extend tremendous gratitude to Amy and Richard for their invaluable insight and mentorship, but most of all for their amazing, generous hearts.  They helped us to remember that this is really just the beginning; as we develop our voices as artists our understanding will deepen, our imagery will evolve, but the spirit of Rustic White will persist as long as we stay true to ourselves and to serving our clients.

Which brings us to you. Again, welcome to the new Rustic White. We’re so glad you’ve come, and we’d love to hear from you too, so feel free to drop us a line or connect with us on your favorite social media. We hope you’ll stop by often – there is so much beauty in store...